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Our Services

Civil, Foundation, and Structural Engineering for Ottawa Homes and Businesses

Oaktree Engineering is an industry leader in civil, foundation, and structural engineering in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding areas. Our certified engineers and technologists have completed numerous residential, commercial, and industrial building-condition surveys, environmental site assessments, and engineering studies and can help you identify the causes of and solutions to a variety of structural issues in your home or commercial property.

Our Services

Lawyers, property managers, homeowners, and countless others have come to rely on our expertise for the following services:

Site Reports

Inspections, environmental audits, site assessments, and condition surveys

Our engineers can pinpoint the structural problems in buildings—such as foundation cracks, framing damage, and leaky roofs—and then recommend or design the appropriate repairs. Our knowledge, combined with the expertise of our team of experienced sub-consultants, allows us to solve these problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Oaktree Engineering carries out over 500 commercial and industrial inspections each year for building owners, potential buyers, mortgage companies, real estate professionals, property managers, and lawyers. Inspections include condition assessments and environmental Phase 1 reports (see CSAZ768-01 and Ont. Reg. 511/09.) Our engineers are fully trained and equipped to complete these inspections in accordance with recognized standards. We can also provide timeline and cost estimates for major repairs.

Structural Problems

Structural and Building Envelope Problem Identification and Resolution

Oaktree Engineering has inspected, diagnosed, designed, and managed over 2000 foundation, framing, and roof repairs in Ottawa since 1987. From lawyers and banks to property managers and homeowners, our clients have come to rely on our expertise to quickly asses and resolve a variety of structural issues.

Design and Plan Approval

Design, Plans, and Municipal Approvals

Oaktree Engineering is BCIN certified to approve plans to be submitted to the municipality. We can also prepare plans for residential and commercial work requiring city permits.


Condominium Problem Diagnoses, Reserve Funds, Technical Audits, and Contracts

Oaktree Engineering has continually worked with many condominium and property managers to implement sound financial planning based on an accurate assessment of common elements. We can also resolve many condominium issues for a reasonable fee. We have prepared and tendered contracts for roofing, windows, patio doors, sidings, structural repairs, landscaping, and more.

Thermography and Energy Efficiency

Thermography and Energy Efficiency for Roofs, Walls, Building Envelopes, Blower Doors, and Insulation

Our well-trained Level 1 and 2 engineers use thermographic cameras and energy auditing equipment to assess leaks in building envelopes and roof covers. We are also trained to use blower-door equipment to accurately determine air changes per hour and weaknesses in building envelopes.


Litigation, Insurance, Contract, and Mediation Investigations

Oaktree Engineering provides investigative engineering services, expert witness testimony, and litigation support to evaluate or reconstruct the events that gave rise to property, casualty, and liability insurance claims as well as contract disputes. We’ll help you mitigate the cost of any claims and bring about quick, affordable repairs or another resolution. We also provide mediation services for contract disputes.

As members of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, we can draw upon our experience as engineers, inspectors, and expert witnesses to quickly mediate and resolve claims for small construction- and inspection-related issues such as fire damage, water damage, foundation cracks, structural damage, and more.

Our investigative engineering services include:

  • Determination of cause and origin

  • Fire and arson investigations

  • Slip-and-fall analyses

  • Scope and repairs

  • Scope and damages

  • Mitigation measures

  • Cost control measures

  • Subrogation claims

  • Construction claims


Radon, Thermography, EMF, UFFI, and Air Quality Testing

Do you own a condominium, apartment, or residential building? We can conduct technical audits to establish the structure’s overall condition as well as reserve fund studies to establish a budget for immediate and future capital costs needed for proper maintenance. Our testing services include radon, urea-formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other gases, electromagnetic fields, and thermography.

Radon Gas

We use the E-PERM® System for short and long-term radon gas testing in homes and buildings as well as a femto-TECH unit, which takes hourly readings over a two day period, to screen buildings during real-estate transactions.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Electric and magnetic fields can occur near transformers, electrical panels, and in-ground wiring or plumbing inside a building due to electrical issues or proximity to overhead lines. Our engineers can locate the fields in all areas of a property.

Air Quality

We use the Canary Air Quality Assurance® system to assess air quality based on six main parameters established by Health Canada, including measures of carbon monoxide (CO,) humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) temperature, and particulates. The system can be moved to several locations in a home and building during the test.

Environmental Assessments

During an environmental inspection, our team carefully assesses your property for any signs—including stained soil, vegetation damage, or an oily sheen over a body of water—that might indicate the following potential environmental hazards:

  • Underground storage tanks

  • Oil and gas drums

  • Discarded batteries

  • Lead paint

  • Asbestos

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